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About Us

Sarah Penn

Owner & Therapist

Sarah is a licensed LPCC and has been a practicing therapist for 13 years.  She has experience working with a wide range of issues including trauma, depression, anxiety, self-worth, domestic violence, and relationship issues.  She is an EMDRIA approved EMDR therapist, consultant, and trainer. Sarah believes in promoting a safe and healing environment to work through life’s difficulties and past traumas.  She is passionate about EMDR because of the profound healing power she has witnessed it to have over years of clinical practice.       

Lisa Sanchez


Lisa is a licensed professional clinical counselor. She has worked with a variety of populations and has utilized numerous modalities in her time as a therapist. She has been using EMDR for over 5 years and continues to be impressed with how effective this treatment can be for people dealing with single incident traumas as well as complex/chronic traumas. She enjoys working with motivated individuals who are ready to walk down the path towards a fulfilled and balanced life.

Linda Cochrum


Linda is a licensed professional clinical counselor. She is an avid practitioner of EMDR therapy with 7 years of experience working with individuals struggling with anxiety, trauma, or the cycle of addictive behaviors. She has found EMDR to be an effective tool for reprocessing negative thought patterns and emotional pain resulting from a variety of traumatic experiences.